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5 Best adult web series to Watch in India

5 Best adult web series to Watch on OTT in India (Never Watch with Family)

If you are a fan of watching the best adult web series, then this article is very useful for you. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best adult web series to watch on OTT in India, so read this article till the end.

Ever since the release of web series and movies on the OTT platform, adult content is being shown on a lot of OTT platforms. The biggest reason for this is that there is no control of the censor board on the OTT platform, so more adult content can be shown on the OTT platform than the movies. OTT platforms have become very popular for the last few years and now in 2022-23 most of the movies and web series have started releasing on the OTT platform. we have also written on top robbery crime web series.

In recent times, people like Alt Balaji, Ullu, MX Player web series for adult content.

In such a situation, people in India also like to watch top adult web series and movies and you must have done so only then you have reached here by searching for this article.

Now that you have come, then see this list of the best adult web series. You can watch these web series for free on the OTT platform. We also wrote on the Top sequal Indian web series 2022. you can read it.

Gandi Baat Web Series

Gandi Baat Best adult web series to Watch in India
Gandi Baat

Gandi Baat is the best adult web series available on OTT in India. In the Gandi Baat web series, all limits of boldness and adult content have been crossed, you will hardly get to see better adult web series than this in India. The first season of the Gandi Baat web series was released on Old Balaji in 2018.

After getting the tremendous success of the first season, Makers started to bring the second season and 6 seasons of Gandi Baat web series one after the other have been released so far and all the blockbusters have happened.

According to the report, the actresses did not hesitate to give adult hot and sexy shots in this web series. This is the top series in the list of the 5 best adult web series. You can watch Gandi Baat web series on ALTBalaji’s mobile app and OTT platform.

Bekaaboo 2 Web Series

Bekaaboo Best adult web series

Bekaaboo 2 is a murder mystery web series but the makers have filled it with adult content. In the Bekaaboo 2 web series, adult scenes of Rajiv Siddharth will be seen with Priya Banerjee. That is why we have placed this series at 2nd in the list of 5 best adult web series.

If you want to watch bold and adult content with a murder mystery, then you can watch this web series. You will get this series on Alt Balaji’s OTT platform, if you want to watch it for free, then this web series is also available on MX Player.

XXX Web Series

XXX Best adult web series
XXX Web Series

XXX Web Series is considered to be one of the Top adult web series of Alt Balaji. People have seen and liked this web series a lot, a lot of bold and adult content has been included in XXX Season 3. In XXX Series, apart from adult scenes, you will get to hear adult double-meaning dialogues. Which doubles the fun of watching web series. That is why we have included this web series in the list of best adult web series.

The first and second seasons of this web series became very famous, due to which the makers have recently released its third season as well. If you want to watch this web series, then you can watch it on Alt Balaji’s mobile app and OTT platform.

Khul Ja Sim Sim Web Series

Khul Ja Sim Sim Best adult web series
Khul Ja Sim Sim

Khul Ja Sim Sim is another Best adult web series. This web series created by Ullu became quite popular in India. Khul Ja Sim Sim web series was once included in India’s best adult web series list.

The story of this web series revolves around a newly married couple, the story is full of romantic interest and adults. So if you want to watch the best adult web series then you can watch the Khul Ja Sim Sim web series.

Mastram Web Series

Mastram Best adult web series

This is the top running adult web series in India at one time. Many seasons of Mastram have been released so far, there is no limit to adult and bold content in this web series. You will not get to see anything other than adult scenes and dialogues in this web series.

Small stories of bold and adult content have been shown in this web series. People in India liked this series a lot because people liked short adult stories. If you like to watch adult web series and you have not seen Mastram web series yet, then you have missed a lot. You can watch this web series on any OTT platform. also, you can read the 9 best Indian web series on ott in India.

So, friends, this was the 5 best adult web series, which you should not delay at all to watch if you are fond of adult web series. I hope that you will definitely watch these five web series and you will like it too if you have seen any of these web series, definitely tell in the comment box how you liked that series.


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