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No Time to Die: Budget Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story

No Time to Die: Budget Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story

No Time to Die: Budget Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story, First Look Posters, Predictions. 

Bollywood actor Daniel Craig has become quite famous because of his spy action thriller film MI6 Agent James Bond series.  The 25th film of Daniel Craig’s career and the 5th film in the James Bond 007 series, No Time to Die, is directed by Kerry Joji Fukunaga.  Has been released in the United Kingdom and will be released on October 8, 2021, in the United States.

No Time to Die Movie Trailer

 English trailer

 Hindi Trailer

No Time to Die Budget and Box Office Collection

No Time to Die Box Office Collection
Production Budget 200-301 million
Screens N/A
First Day  $250-301 Million
First Weekend N/A
Total Net Collection N/A
India Collection N/A
Overseas Collection N/A
Worldwide Collection N/A
Running Time 2 Hours 43 Min
Hit or Flop N/A

No Time to Die Box Office Prediction

No time to die estimates ranges from $ 65 million to $ 85 million.  But this may be a higher estimate than the previous few Bond films.  The last Bond film, Specter of 2015, opened at 70 million (approximately $ 75 million adjusted) and was the 10th opening of the year.

No Time to Die, ”the latest entry in the British spy series, is expected to hit the international box office and generate at least $ 90 million over the weekend.  It is starting from Wednesday in 50 overseas markets, including the United Kingdom.

No time to Die Release Date

The 25th entry in the Bond series after its domestic launch in October will premiere in Korea on September 29, followed by Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom on September 30.  And Japan, Mexico, and Spain will be on October 1st.  “No Time to Die” will be released over the next month in 15 international markets, including France (October 6), Russia (October 7), and China (October 29).

No time to Die Cast and Crew

No Time to Die is an upcoming detective action thriller film produced by Michael Wilson, Barbara Broccoli under the banner of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer and Eon Productions for Universal Pictures as the 25th installment in the James Bond series.  The film includes Daniel Craig in his 5 performances as MI6 agent James Bond.  The film is directed by Carrie Joji Fukunaga, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Jade Burns and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, based on an initial draft by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade.  Ralph Fiennes, Nomi Harris, Ben Wiswa, Jeffrey Wright, and Lee Seddox re-played their roles in the No Time to Die movie, with actors Rami Malek, Ana Armas,  Lashana Lynch, David Densic, Dali Bensalah, and Billy Magnesene have also starred.  It will be the first film in the franchise to be distributed internationally by Universal Pictures, following the expiration of Columbia Pictures’ contract for the series, following the 4 Bond Specter of the James Bond series.

The shooting of the film No Time to Die started in 2016.  It is the first Bond film to be distributed by Universal Pictures, which acquired international distribution rights following the expiration of Sony Pictures’ contract following the release of Specter in 2015.  United Artist Releasing, a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for North America, has rights around the world, including digital and television rights.  Danny Boyle was originally associated with John Hodge directing and co-writing the screenplay.  The two moved in August 2018 due to creative differences, and Fukunaga was announced a month later as director of Boyle’s replacement No Time to Die.

No Time to Die Cast And Crew
Release Date 29 September 2021
Star Cast Daniel Craig, Rami Malik,Lee Sedoux,Ralph Fiennes 
Director Kerry Joji Fukunaga
Producers Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Based On  James bond
Editor Iiliet Graham, Tom Cross
Writer John Hodge, Danny Boyle
Metro-Goldway-Meyer AON Productions
Music Director Hans Zimmer
Cinematographer Linus Sundergren
Music Company N / A
Genre Detective-Action-Thriller
Language English
Status Released

No Time to Die Casting Roles

No Time to Die Casting Roles
Daniel Craig James Bond
Anna de Arms Paloma
Rami Malek Lucifer Shopin
Lee Sedoux Madeleine Swanny
Lashana Lynch   Nomi
Ralph Fiennes 
Ben Whishaw 
Christoph Waltz Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Naomie Harris Eve Moneypenny

No Time to Die Story

Spoiler Warning

The story of Daniel Craig’s James Bond 007 series 5 films No Time to Die is also an action spy thriller film that has largely gone beyond espionage.  The story of the film No Time to Die is full of action thrillers just like the movie Specter.

A young Madeleine swan witnesses the murder of her mother by the terrorist Lutsifer Safin, whom she shoots in retaliation.  He wakes up and she runs to a nearby frozen lake and falls off the ice.  Safin chooses to save him.

Currently, Ernest Stavro is in Matera, Italy with Swan James Bond following the capture of Blofeld.  They are ambushed by Specter assassins but manage to overcome their pursuers.  Bond accused Swann of betraying the organization and released him.

Five years later, an MI6 scientist named Obruchev has been abducted from the MI6 lab.  Obruchev has developed Project Heracles, a bioweapon containing nanobots that spreads like a virus when touched, and is coded for specific DNA strands, so they are only dangerous if programmed for a person’s genetic code.  Goes.  Bond has retired in Port Antonio, Jamaica, where after years out of service, he has been approached by CIA agent Felix Litter, who is with a fellow CIA agent, Logan Ash.  They ask for help tracking Obruchev, but Bond refuses.  That night Bond is tracked by Nomi, who has since succeeded as the new 007;  She tells him about Project Hercules.  Bond approaches M and reprimands him;  M. of the Nanobot Project.  Was commissioned by Bond, later accepting Litter’s request for help.

Bond, Litter, and Ash fly to Cuba and meet Paloma, another CIA agent associated with Litter.  Bond and Paloma infiltrate a specter meeting aimed at retrieving Obruchev but fall into a trap.  Blowfeld orders Bond to be killed by nanobots over loudspeakers, but instead, the specter members are killed, revealing that Obruchev had restarted the nanobots to destroy the specter, but Bond’s  Left life.  Bond and the scientist meet Felix and Ash on a boat.  Ash turns against them and shoots Litter while running with Obruchev.  Despite Bond’s efforts to save him, part of the boat was blown up, killing Litter;  The bond runs away.

Bond meets M, who rejects him and his help.  Moneypenny takes Bond to see Q;  They locate the captive Blowfeld and give him a chance to talk to her.  Safin goes to see Madeleine and blackmails her into infecting herself with the virus.  Since Madeleine has been the only person in contact since Blofeld’s imprisonment, he instructs her to infect Blofeld.  Bond meets Madeline in the cell, where he touches her hand and inadvertently infects himself.  A terrific Madeleine leaves quickly before being able to reach Blowfeld.  When Bond meets Blofeld, Blofeld reveals that he deliberately ambushed Matera five years ago.  Angered by this revelation, Bond attacks Blowfeld and infects him with nanobots;  Blowfeld dies.

Bond tracks Madeleine to her childhood home in Norway.  There, she discovers that Madeleine has a five-year-old daughter, Mathilde, whom she claims is not hers.  Madeleine then confesses to him who Safin was, revealing that as a boy, her parents were murdered by Madeleine’s father.  This prompted him to take revenge on his father and the entire Specter organization.  Through Nomi, Bond finds out that Safin is going to Madeleine’s house, so the three-run away and are chased in the countryside.  Bond can get out Safin’s agents, including Ash, but Safin catches Madeleine and Mathilde.

Bond and Nomi explore Safin based on World War II on an island between Japan and Russia.  They use a plane to infiltrate Safin’s headquarters and learn that he plans to use nanobots as a biological weapon against millions of people on the planet.  Nomi takes Obruchev hostage while Bond seeks out Safin, who has Mathilde.  Safin hints that Mathilde is Bond’s daughter.  Bond shot Safin’s guard, but Safin escaped.  Mathilde escapes from Safin and reunites with her mother and Bond;  The three meet Nomi.

Nomi, Madeleine, and Mathilde escape by boat, while Bond stops to open the island’s Missile Silo, which will help launch a missile attack from a British warship.  Bond and Safin fight, during which Safin shoots Bond and infects him with nanobots programmed with the genetic code of Madeleine and Mathilde, so if Bond touches them again, he will kill them.  Bond shot Safin and opened the silos.  Speaking on the radio with Madeleine, Bond tells her he loves her;  She confirms that Mathilde is her biological daughter.  Missiles attacked the island, destroyed the nanobot factory, and killed Bond.

In MI6’s office, MI6 employees raise their glasses near the bond.  Madeleine takes Mathilde to Matera, where she begins to tell him about her father

No time to Die Posters :

No Time to Die First look Posters No Time to Die movie Posters No Time to Die First look Posters No Time to Die Posters hd

Conclusion :

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