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Pogaru: Budget, Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story

Pogaru South Movie

Pogaru: Budget, Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story

Pogaru: Budget, Box Office, Hit or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story: So far our Allu Arjun sir is quite famous for dangerous Action Scenes and Romantic films in the Indian Film Industry and South Industry. But now the one who competes with him is coming out soon. Stylish Star Allu Arjun of South Film Industry is very much discussed in the film industry for dangerous action and emotion-filled films, but now one more such film and a new Stylish Superstar come out to give competition to Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s explosive action films. The tax has come. The kind of action shown in this film is amazing and the storyline of the film is also very good, yes in today’s article we will talk about the just-released film of Dhruva Sarja, a new superstar of South Industry. Will tell you more about the Pogaru Story, Star Cast, Box Office Collection of this film.

Dhruva Sarja, another rising star of the South, is in a lot of discussion about his blockbuster film Pogaru. This film is full of action. Dhruva Sarja is one such actor who has become very famous in a very short time. There have been a lot of movie releases in Dhruva Sarja’s Tamil and Telugu languages. But only one or two films have been dubbed in Hindi. The film shook all the actors of Bollywood and earned a Worldwide Record in this film. The name of this film of Dhruva Sarja is Bharjari which was a Romantic Action Drama film released in the year 2017. This film got a rating of 5.2 Out Of 10 from IMDb and 86% of Google users liked this film. A different level of action was seen in this Dhruva Sarja film. This film of Dhruva Sarja proved to be a super hit. After this film, we have come up with a big bang film, which is named Pogaru. In this film, a different level of action will be seen from all the films of our Allu Arjun sir.

Pogaru Movie Trailer

A trailer of Pogaru full movie Hindi dubbed was released 1 year ago. After seeing that small trailer, we had got a little information about the action of the film and the climax of the film. Four posters were released 1 year before the film. Seeing Dhruva Sarja sir’s body and swag-filled look in those posters, we had guessed that this film is going to be full of action and fight as well as the kind of dialogues and bodybuilders in the trailer of this film. Fighting is seen, even from that, it was known that this film is going to prove to be a super hit. Seeing the trailer poster of the film and the action scenes shown in them, everyone was very excited and the public had guessed that this film is going to be very strong. The song that comes with Pogaru in the songs of the film is completely whistling. About 200 + million views have come on this song on the OTT platform. This song has created history. Before today, no song of the Karnataka film industry has got 200+ million views.

Pogaru Cast and Crew 

Talking about the star cast of Pogaru full movie Hindi dubbed, National Crush Rashmika Mandanna is being seen with Dhruva Sarja in the lead role in this film.  Along with this, Hollywood actor Kai Greene has also been cast in this film.  Dear director Nand Kishore has directed this film.  B.K.  Gangadhar has produced this film.

Complete Star Cast of Pogaru
Casting Star Role in Movie
Dhruva Sarja  Shiva
Rashmika Mandanna Geetha
Chikkanna Shiva’s friend
Raghavendra Rajkumar  Shiva’s Teacher
P. Ravi Shankar Shiva’s father



Pogaru Movie Other Details


Country India
Release Date February 19, 2021
Genre  Action-Thriller-Romantic
Director Nanda Kishore
 Producer B.K. Gangadhar

Pogaru Movie story

Dhruva Sarja’s One of The Biggest films Pogaru is a film full of explosive Action Scenes and Dialogues. The film was released in theaters on 19 February. As soon as it was released, the film broke records and has proved to be a super hit. The Pogaru song of Pogaru full movie has also been liked by the public very much, so people have liked the song from this film to the trailer. Seeing the poster and trailer of pogaru full movie Hindi dubbed, you must have got an idea of ​​how strong this film was going to be. But if you do not know about the full story of this film, then we tell you a glimpse of the story of Pogaru film.

Dhruv Sarja lost 30 kg to play the role of a class 10 schoolboy and then gained weight for a bulkier role. Pogaru filmmakers had not yet seen the teenage role of Dhruv.

Shiva (Dhruv Sarja) is a very young character who hates his stepfather and struggles to find his mother. There are some instances in which a young man, who believes that cruelty is from all money, should only be respected under tyranny. The movie Pogaru revolves around a local gangster. He controls the people of the area and his rule is ineffective. Later he falls in love with a charming girl. The story of the film takes a drastic turn as soon as she rejects him. You have to watch the full movie to know how Shiva transformed from villain to hero. What is the reason for this change, and how did he stand out as a hero. Can he face the challenges? And can love be conquered? If you tell the full story of this film, then you will not enjoy watching this film.

Pogaru Movie Reviews

All those who went to see Pogaru full movie in Tamil and Telugu language First Day – First Show, all of them say that the film was completely bang and a different level of activity has been seen in the film and many people also said this  It was that we thought at first that the film will be good but it will not be like Allu Arjun sir’s films but this film is even better than that.  In this way, the film Pogaru got very good reviews from the public, and the Pogaru song of this film has also been liked by many people on YouTube and has also got 200+ million views, thus the Pogaru song of this film also created history.  Done.

Pogaru Box office collection

Due to the good reviews from the public to Dhruva Sarja’s much-awaited film Pogaru, this film has earned breaking records at the box office and has proved to be a huge super-duper hit film as well.

 Pogaru full movie was released only in Tamil and Telugu language till now but now news of Hindi dub has also come out that the rights of Hindi dub of Pogaru film is 7.2 crore and rights for Hindi dub of this film RKD studios have bought.

Box office   Collection
Budget  ₹25 crore
Box office  ₹51 crore
Hindi dubbed rights  ₹7.2 crore

Pogaru movie has been released in Tamil and Telugu language so far, as soon as it is released with Hindi dub, we will also provide you its link but still if you want to watch this film then provide link of Pogaru movie’s English subtitle.  let’s do

 Hope you liked our article and you would have liked all the information about our Pogaru film, similarly, keep meeting Filmy Pagal to know the box office collection star cast and story of new release films of Bollywood and South.

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