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Republic: Budget Box Office, Hit Or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story, Wiki

Republic: Budget, Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop, Cast and Crew, Story, First Look Posters, Audio Jukebox, Wiki

Republic is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language political drama film written and directed by Dev Katta and produced by JB Entertainment and Zee Studios. The film stars Sai Dharam Tej, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jagapathi Babu, and Ramya Krishna. The story follows Panja Abhiram (Tej), an IAS officer who deals with corruption in the political system and administrative systems. Republic film was released in theaters on 1 October 2021.

Republic Movie Trailer

Republic Movie Budget

Several reports suggest that the budget of this film starring Ramya Krishna, Jagapathi Naidu, Sai Dharam Tej, and Aishwarya Rajesh will be around 20 crores, however, the makers did not announce it officially.

Republic Movie Box Office Collection

Republic Box Office Collection
Production Budget 20 Crores
Screens 520
First Day ₹ 2.75 Crores
First Weekend ₹ 8.57 Cr
Total Net Collection N/A
India Collection ₹ 8.57 Crores
Overseas Collection ₹ 1.5 Crores
Worldwide Collection ₹ 11.5 Cr
Running Time 2 Hours 28 minutes
Hit or Flop N/A

Republic Movie Hit or Flop

The concrete information about whether the film is a hit or a flop will be updated here after Some Time.

Republic Movie Review and Rating

  • Rating: 8.4 /10
  • Review by: IMDb
  • Site:
  • Critics Rating 3/5
  • User Rating 3.5/5
  • Review by: Times of India
  • Site:
  • Rating:3/5
  • Review by: 123 Telugu
  • Site: 123

Republic Movie Cast and Crew

“Republic” is one of the much-awaited Telugu movies starring Sai Dharam Tej, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jagapathi Babu, and Ramya Krishna. The film was originally scheduled to release on June 4, 2021. But, the current lockdown situation has forced the makers to cancel the film.  Forced to. And later this film was released on 1 October 2021.

The film Republic, written and directed by Deva Katta, is produced under the banner of JB Entertainments by J.  Lord and J.  The film is produced by Pularao.  The music of this film is composed by Maneesh Sharma and the cinematography and editor of the film are M. Sukumari and Praveen K.L. respectively.  Popular streaming platform Zee5 has acquired the digital rights of the Republic.

Republic Cast And Crew
Release Date 1 October 2021
Star Cast Sai Dharam Tej, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishna
Director Deva Katta
Producer J. Lord, J. pularao
Distributor Zee Studio
Editor Praveen K.L.
Writers Deva Katta
Production Company JB Entertainments
Cinematographer M. Sukumari
Music By Mani Sharma
Music Company Zee Music South
Genre Political Thriller
Language Telugu
Status Released

Republic Movie Role and Star Cast

Republic Casting Roles
Sai Dharam Tej As IAS Panja Abhiram
Aishwarya Rajesh As Myra Hansen
Jagapathi Babu As Deputy Collector Panja Dashrath
Ramya Krishna As Minister Visakha Van
Subbaraju As Collector Vijay Kumar
Rahul Ramakrishna As Manish
Srikanth Iyengar As SP Gopal Rao

Republic Movie Audio Video Jukebox

The soundtrack album of the film is composed by Mani Sharma. And all the songs of the film are sung by Anurag Kulkarni. The first single of the film “Ganatantra Ka Gana” is sung by Anurag Kulkarni and the lyrics are by Rahman. It was released on 10 July 2021, and the song went viral as soon as it was released, crossing 3.5 million views by September 2021.

  • “Republic of Gana” by Rahman Anurag Kulkarni. 4:23
  • Loud “Sudda Ashok Teja Anurag Kulkarni 4:52

Republic Movie Story

Spoiler ⚠ : It Can be Spoiler For You !!

The story is of Panja Abhiram, a shrewd and very arrogant man from Eluru, who prefers to be truthful and honest to society after experiencing corruption within his own family due to his father Dasharatha being corrupt government official. Because of this, he dislikes his father. With his high scores in various exams, he gets a seat in MIT. However, due to his father’s involvement in electoral rigging, he decides to dive further into the political system to change this. He simultaneously meets Myra Hansen who is an NRI searching for her missing brother Varun, who is known to have a conversation with a local goon named Guna. With a clean sweep in the elections, Vishakha Vani became the next Union Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He then meets Mani, an auto driver, and his father Vishaka is trying to fight for justice against Vani. At the same time, she and Myra learn that Varun has been found dead but gets no help from the police. After clearing the UPSC exam, Abhi goes for his interview, but after a PTSD episode on the train, Mani is killed by Guna, who is under orders from Vishakha Vani. After seeing all this, Abhi goes to his interview but due to his mentality, he is not selected. However, a few days later he gets the job of District Collector when he learns that he was chosen by the UPSC board as an experiment to enforce him as the highest officer of the district and that he cannot be found by any politician in the state. cannot be interfered with. After starting his job, he tries to find Guna, against whom an encounter is ordered and they manage to kill him. However, at the same place, they find Myra unconscious. Abhi takes them to the hospital to discover that Myra has been brutally raped due to Varun’s research and is close to being killed by Guna. Then he asks about the children they are dead and have not met yet.

Abhi angrily decides to address the media as to why the system is doing this. He finds video proof of Varun and learns how Varun is a neurological professor and doctor. The story then goes into a flashback of how Varun’s wife dies of a neurological disease caused by fish in the Kolleru lake. He then sees more people affected and plans to research what happened and comes to the conclusion that it was contaminated with Vishaka Vani’s fish farms. An enraged Abhi suspends both his father and the health officer for fake reports about the lake. Abhi with this information goes to Vishaka Vani so that he can understand by removing all the construction of his fields and lake. However, Vani takes the side of the fisherman and says that they will all share in his fields and turn them against Abhi. Abhi calls both the parties for a meeting to go against Vaani, but in the end, becomes very violent which leads to the loss of many lives. With all this happening, the UPSC board suspended Abhi from his post. However, because of this his father also gets entangled with the villagers and beats them up. Abhi saves his father and in a flashback, it is learned that Dasharatha was a very honest officer, but his honesty leads to him being transferred to several kingdoms, killing Dasharatha’s wife and daughter as well, Which eventually makes Dasharatha corrupt according to the system and becomes.

Abhi and Dasharatha meet and they decide to appeal to the court with all the proper evidence. The Supreme Court then removes Vishakha Vani, Vijay Kumar, and Dashrath from their posts and sentences them to life imprisonment.  The Supreme Court also ordered the demolition of all the construction from the lake at once.  With this result, Vaani gets admitted to the hospital and tells Abhi that no matter how hard he tries, the system will not change.  However, after a few days, he starts building on the lake again and confronts the villagers about why they decided to do so.  They say that their caste ruled for 40 years but now it is their turn to rule but Abhi finally gets the support of Mani’s father.  Soon, Abhi is found on the edge of the forest by Mani’s father and his gang and is eventually killed by them as they want the lake for themselves.  It also drives Vani to commit suicide and puts the entire Andhra Pradesh in trouble.  The film ends with honest officers killed in the same way they did for society.

Republic Movie Poster:

Republic First look Posters Republic Posters Republic First look Posters Republic Posters hd Republic movie Posters hd Republic first look Posters hd


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I Watch the Tuck Jagadish Movie?

You can watch Tuck Jagadish movie Online from Disney + Hotstar or YouTube.

What is the Budget of the Republic Movie?

According to a report, the budget for the Republic film was around ₹20 Crores.

What is Box Office Collection of Republic Movie?

The Box Office Collection of Film Republic was Around ₹6.25 Crores.

Is Republic movie hit or flop?

Digital rights, satellite rights, and overseas earnings of any film do not contribute to the film’s hit or flop. That is why keeping in mind the box office collection, Republic film has flopped.

What is the Release Date of the Republic Movie?

Republic movie was released on October 1, 2021. The movie was released in South Indian Theatres.

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