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V Movie: Budget, Box office, Hit or Flop, Cast And Crew, Reviews

V South Movie

V Movie: Budget, Box office, Hit or Flop, Reviews

V Movie: Budget, Box Office, Hit or Flop, Reviews Hollywood, south, and Bollywood film industries, you must have seen action thriller and crime-rich movies, but in all these films, different levels of crime scenes are shown and this The story of all the films is very interesting and it remains very difficult for us to understand the story of all those films till the end if we sit down to watch any action crime thriller film of any film industries from Hollywood, Bollywood or South. There is a lot of excitement inside us to know what will happen next in the story of this film and we get completely lost in such action crime thriller movies.

 So in today’s article, we will talk about one such mystery suspense thriller and crime-filled film, the name of the film is V. This is a Telugu language film which has also been dubbed in Hindi with the same name. V full movie to IMDb. It has got a rating of 6.6 out of 10 and 89% of Google users have liked this film, the story of the film is very interesting and full of crime thrillers and V full movie is getting a different level of action. The storyline of the film is also very good, in today’s article we will give information about the star cast, story, public reviews & box office collection of V Movie.

V Movie Trailer

So far 2 trailers of V Movie have come. A Telugu language trailer was released first and later on 31 March, the Hindi language trailer was released on Amazon Prime’s official YouTube channel. Seeing this Hindi dubbed trailer of V movie, we could guess how big a bang this film is going to be, in this small trailer, many crime scenes and action fights of the film have been shown and in the trailer of this film. How villain keeps on committing crime and murder but police investigation continues to catch him but nothing can spoil him and in this trailer of V full movie different level of action scenes and crime are shown. Four or five posters of V full movie Hindi dubbed were released, out of which natural star Nani and Sudheer Babu are seen wearing the same goggles together in a very swag look and one poster, natural star Nani is quite In the crazy look, you are seen smoking cigarettes. Seeing these five posters and trailers of V film, we got an idea that how strong this film is going to be.

 Telugu language film V, released in the year 2020 of South film industries, has been dubbed in Hindi. Amazon Prime and this film were released on 4 April 2021.

V Movie Cast and Crew 

We will get to see Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, and Aditi Rao along with Natural Star Nani in the lead role in Telugu language film V released in this year 2020 of film industries. Uthaman has also been cast, due to the presence of such Harish Uthaman, a lot of crime scenes and action thrillers are being seen in this film. The story of Reddy’s V full movie is very interesting and banging if you sit and watch this film once, then you will be completely lost in the story of this film.

Casting Star Lead Role
 Natural star Nani  Vishnu
 Sudheer Babu  DCP Aditya
 Nivetha Thomas  Apoorva
 Aditi Rao  Saheba
 Harshit uthaman  Ranjeet


Other Detail
 Director  Mohana Krishna Indraganti
 Producer  Harshith Reddy
 Ganer  Crime, mystery suspense thriller
 Language  Telugu and Hindi
 Country  India
 Release date  3 April 2021


V Movie StoryV full movie Hindi dubbedSeeing a small trailer released on Amazon Prime of V movie, you must have got an idea of ​​how many crime and action thrillers you will get to see in this film, but still, we will give you some glimpse of the twist filled story of this film. Will give information Talk about the storyline of the movie, then in the story, a police officer is murdered in Hyderabad and DCP Aditya is called to handle the matter. The killer leaves clues for Aditya and says that he will be coming. Will kill more in days too And at the same time in the Hindi dubbed trailer of the movie, a very strong dialogues of Nevitha Thomas is heard that it is not difficult to catch that murderer but it is impossible, with this a mouse cat game starts. It is where murder and crime keep happening and Aditya does not seem to have any clue, then who is this killer and why is he killing all of them, you will have to watch this movie to know everything, this movie is amazing and The story of the movie is also very good.

V Movie Reviews

Talking about V full movie Hindi dubbed public reviews, this film has got a lot of positive reviews from the public. everyone says that it is a mystery suspense thriller as well as the story of this film. It is also quite amazing and many people say that the way Vishnu ie natural star Nani is doing the kind of murder at the end of the film, he is full of crime suspense thriller as well as Sudheer Babu in this film. acting is quite amazing but when Nani’s swag-rich look is being seen in the film, then the movies become different.

V Movie Box Office Collection

Other Collection
Budget 25 crore approx
Music rights 10 crore approx
Satellite rights 15 crore approx
Digital rights 50 crore approx
Total collection 70 crore approx

The Telugu language action crime thriller film V, which was released in the year 2020 of the South film industry, was also released in Hindi with the same name on Amazon Prime on 4 April 2021.

 Hope you liked our article and liked our given V film information, so to get information about the release date, star cast, full story and box office collection of new Bollywood, Hollywood and south films like this, Filmy Pagal  Keep meeting.

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