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15 Interesting Facts of Money Heist Web Series

15 Interesting Facts of Money Heist Web Series : There are some facts about this show that most fans may not know
मनी हीस्ट (Money Heist) वेब सीरीज के 15 दिलचस्प तथ्य

15 Interesting Facts of Money Heist Web Series

Interesting Facts of Money Heist

15 Interesting Facts of Money Heist Web Series : You will find a lot of web series on Netflix. But Money Heist is a web series that has spread all over the world. This web series has been very popular on Netflix for a long time. There have been 5 seasons of this web series so far. In these five seasons, the web series has won the hearts of hundreds of viewers. Season 5 of the Money Heist web series was released on September 3. Now Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 will be released on December 3. Fans around the world and especially Indian fans are eagerly awaiting Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2. But there are some facts about this show that most fans may not know. Let us tell you in detail about some interesting facts about Money Heist web series.

How the idea came to Making a Money Heist Web Series

As you know, any big thing starts with a small idea. This is how the idea for the Money Heist web series came about. When the makers of this web series went to buy a T-shirt, they found a T-shirt called Tokyo which they liked very much. From this t-shirt came the idea of ​​why not create a web series of robberies and name the characters in it after the big cities of the world.

The most watched non-english web series

Money Heist is a Spanish language web series. Which was initially only released in Spanish and is the first most-watched non-english web series.

How the Money Heist web series got its name

The name of this web series in Spanish is 'La Casa De Papel'. Which means 'The House of Paper' in English. But before that the name of the series was going to be 'Los Desahuciados' which means 'The Evicted' in English. That is, people who are excluded from a group or party. The characters in this web series were socially excluded, but the name did not match the overall theme of the web series. That is why this name was not given.

Interesting Fact of Money Heist

How did this Spanish language web series get the name Money Heist?

As the web series became more popular, the makers began preparing to release the web series in English and other local languages. But Westerners and Asians would find it difficult to understand the meaning of 'La Casa De Papel', so the web series was named Money Heist.

Trouble casting a Tokyo character in Money Heist

The character of 'Tokyo' was a bit difficult to cast in this web series. This character is portrayed as angry and eccentric. Earlier makers had thought of casting an old or mature actor for this character. But considering the energy and nature of Arsala Corbero during the casting, he was selected for this character.

Characters of Professor and Nairobi

In the web series, Nairobi's character was selected to complete another female character in the gang. On the other hand, the character of the professor, Alvaro Morte, has played well. As much as we find this character interesting in the web series. Alvaro worked just as hard to get this character. He had auditioned for the role five times, then he was selected for the role.

Denver's sense of humor is not natural.

You may find Denver's laughter very interesting in the Money Heist web series, but this laughter was neither natural nor Denver's own touch. The script had a complete mention of where to laugh and where to be sad in the web series. As such, the laughter was part of the script.

Facts of Money Heist

Shooting was not permitted in the Royal Mint of Spain

The Royal Mint of Spain featured in the Money Heist web series is not the real Royal Mint of Spain. In fact, the crew members of the series went to the Royal Mint of Spain to get permission to shoot, but they did not get permission due to security reasons. He was not even allowed to shoot outside the Royal Mint. Crew members then received permission to shoot outside the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) building, which resembled the Royal Mint. The outside scenes of the Royal Mint in the web series were shot here, while the inside scenes were made in the studio.

The professor's style of fixing Glasses 

If you have watched the Money Heist web series carefully, you will know that whenever professors are in tension, or if any of their plans fail, they fix their glasses in a different way. If you think that professors do this on purpose to give a different touch to the web series then you are wrong. According to a report, actor Alvaro Morte, who plays the character of the professor, does not wear glasses in his real life and when he had to wear glasses in this role of the professor, he felt a little uncomfortable. So he used to fix his glasses again and again. Not only onscreen, he also used to fix such glasses off screen. This means that in the Money Heist web series, the professor's spectacle fixing style was not part of any script or deliberate. He was natural, because the professors were not comfortable with glasses.

Shooting was not permitted at the Bank of Spain

Even in Seasons 3 and 4 of the Money Heist web series, Bank of Spain did not give permission for the shooting, which led to the use of a similar looking Ministry building.

The script for the Money Heist web series has not been written before

Looking at the story of the Money Heist web series, it seems that it must have taken a lot of hard work and this story must have been written a long time ago. But this is not the case. In a show like this, as the episodes get suited, a further story is created. That is why the characters in this web series do not know about their future.

The things shown during the Bank of Spain robbery are real

In this series, all the security systems that were put in place at the Bank of Spain to protect the treasury are actually available at the Bank of Spain. At the time of the theft, you must have seen the tunnel, which has a lot of gold in it and as soon as there are any other irregular activities, it starts filling up with water. This tunnel actually exists in the Bank of Spain, where gold biscuits are kept and similarly irregular activities start filling it with water.

The professor's code name reflects his character

You may know the code names of all the characters in the Money Heist web series, but do you know the professor's code name? Most people will not know. The professor's code name is Vatican. You may have heard the name Vatican City, it is a small country with a wealth of knowledge of old times and it matches the personality of the professor somewhere. That is why the professor's code name was Vatican.

At one point, the Money Heist web series was about to close

Did you know that this web series, which is becoming popular in the world today, was about to close at some point. Yes, when the web series did not appear on Netflix, the Spanish web series was shown on a Spanish TV channel where the series was watched by 4 million people. But when the finale of this series came, the viewers were almost halved. Due to which it was decided to close the show. But then Netflix came and saved this web series. The web series spread all over the world because of Netflix and today millions of people are fans of this web series.

Intelligence officer Alessia Ciara will join the professor's gang.

In Money Heist Season 5, we see that Alessia Ciara came to kill the professor, but then she agreed to work with the professor. There is also some reason why she got together with the professor, you will know it only if you watch season 5. But now it is being told that in volume 2 of season 5, Alessia Ciara will go to the Bank of Spain to save the team of professor and the most interesting thing will be Alessia Ciara's code name Paris...

Interesting Facts of Money Heist web series

Now people are eagerly awaiting Season 5 Volume 2 of the Money Heist web series. The trailer for Season 5 Volume 2 will be released soon on Netflix.

According to the report, this time there is going to be a more interesting story in Volume 2. Alessia Ciara, an officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, who came to kill the professor. But now she will work with the professor's team and, according to reports, Alessia Ciara will also go to the Bank of Spain to support her team. The professor used his intellect and insight to recruit two Central Intelligence Officers. Now it remains to be seen how the professors bring their team members back alive from the Bank of Spain, from where the expectation of returning alive is negligible. To find out, watch Volume 2 of Season 5 of the web series, which will premiere on Netflix on December 3, 2021.

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